About Us

Think of us as your “part-time IT department”. We do not sell any hardware or software, thus maintaining complete objectivity towards all solutions. We are not biased by a profit opportunity, our only bias is our experience with different products and services. Though we don’t sell products, we will advise you and help you procure any items you need purchased. Our only compensation is for our time spent working on your behalf and reimbursing us for any materials purchased for you.

We provide computer and networking solutions for all of your office needs. Why pay several people to manage your email, website, computers, network and servers when you can get help with one phone call. Why spend money on a full time IT person or department when you only have part time needs? That’s where Jay Tec Solutions steps in when you need us. Friendly fast and reliable service is just a phone call away (800) 581-5068

Jay Tec Solutions will send a consultant to you for a free estimate. One of our experienced field consultants will meet with you at your location to
discuss your companies needs. We will then provide you with a free and complete estimate.